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Website Published

The website was officially launched yesterday and I am hoping for now that no one sees it yet. Once again, life amazes me how clear everything is once you see it in the rear view mirror. I have many little errors to fix that I did not find till after it was live. I will fix them in short order and finish loading up all the pendants that are available.

This has been an enjoyable creative process for me coming with no experience in web design or construction. I have learned a lot to apply to tweak what I have to be better and better. I am looking forward to finishing what I can though and getting back into chainmail production.

After 5 versions I have finally produced a handmade chainmail pendant worthy of producing. I am excited for this and will be able to hit many parts of the communities needs with being able to add colors to flag it to the persons tastes and desires. I will be switching gears and be back into ring production to have a supply of copper in supply to produce what we are currently offering. Then I am on to producing stainless steel chains to widen our selection and to focus on more options for chains and collars for you.

Well that is what is new with Majere's Metals.

Looking forward to serving your needs,

Big Daddy

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