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Our Purpose

Every piece begins as wire.  All of our rings are coiled, cut and then assembled to make the piece you see before you.  Because our rings are made and not bought, this allows us to have a more direct say in the look and style of the pieces we shape.  The goal of Majere’s Metals is to offer a variety of options that are artistically outside the norm that offers quality and yet is at an affordable price point. 

This is a handmade process.  An average piece can take up to 8 to 16 hours of labor to produce.  The benefit to you is that what you choose will not look mass produced and this offers us the opportunity to personalize the piece to fit perfectly for you.  No one is built to be a standard size so now you can choose to have it built exactly to fit for you.  You will find instructions on how to measure yourself and where to send notes with your order. 

There were many markets we could have focused on to make jewelry.  It occurred to me that as a gay man we had the opportunity to serve our community and offer them what so many other communities take for granted.  We aim to offer you something fun, something daring, and something you can’t wait to wear.  Whatever your pleasure, we hope you can find something in our chainmail collection to wear and take pride in our diversity.  One thing is guaranteed; you are purchasing a unique piece with style that will stand out in any crowd.  This is the three pillars Majere's Metals can offer you; unique, quality, and affordable. 

So, thank you in advance for your support and happy shopping!

Big Daddy

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