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First Steel Chain

I have been busy at work in stainless steel production. I received the 316L stainless steel and am very excited to work with it. I am currently working with the 304 stainless steel I have in stock. I have one chain produced that has gotten positive feedback as an item for Majere's Metals.

I will try to have pictures of it up this week and will be cutting metal to put it into full scale production shortly. Today I am working on a Persian Dragon stainless steel chain for you folks. We already feature that weave in other areas but my favorite so far has been seeing it in stainless steel. I wanted to be able to offer that as an option if the color code line of jewelry is not your thing.

I have 4 more patterns I am trying to get a lock on for stainless steel chains with the proper wire gauge and rod width and will get those up as soon as I can. Two of these will fall more into the collar themes and have that type of look.

I haven't started advertising and we are already getting noticed and have had some sales. I want to thank everyone who has supported us. It is very appreciated and if you haven't purchased something yet or are thinking of it; thank you in advance!

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