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First Blog Post

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

For those of you who take the time to check in and read this, you will find informational blogs here. I will endeavor to give fans of my work insight into what I am working on and what is to come. There are many exciting projects and directions that I intend on making a reality. I just have to remind myself, one step at a time.

So check in from time to time to hear about what products we are working on and when we expect to launch them. If you are interested in such, it will give you some insight how much work goes into launching a piece for the customer before we say that it meets our standards.

Finally, before I actually launch the first step should be to thank all of the other chainmail artists out there who I have learned from and have moved me. There are many artists that I aspire to create something as beautiful and magnificent and inspired as your work. So, thank you for what you do. There are not enough of us chainmailers out there.

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