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Well, it has been a busy month. I am partway through creating the stainless steel collection. We have had a great reaction so far. I have a couple more styles to nail down for patterns and then I want to add some thick chains to give them the look and feel of an authentic collar for the boys, Pups, and big bears that can pull that look off. I am still working with the 304 Stainless steel but the next set of chains will be made from the 316 Stainless steel. I am really excited with seeing the end results after I polish it.

I have recently realized that some of the social links don't work on the website. It is on my list of things to fix and will get to that shortly. I will be also working on the idea of a video style presentation for the jewelry. I have not been happy with the chains presentation. It is very difficult camera wise to capture the details of the pattern and still see the whole chain. It seems like it has been one or the other so far.

With the video style I can zoom in on the pattern for you in the picture and then you can watch the video to see the full chain and how it looks on a neck and learn some interesting facts about the pattern and some history.

So, thank you for your support and if you are new to the site, thank you in advance! #catchup #workinghard #chainmailjewelry #chainmaillejewelry #LGBTQ


Big Daddy

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