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Behind the scenes

I have been kind of neglecting the website recently. I have three new chains, one bracelet, and a new pendant to launch.

I will be refocusing my efforts soon. Behind the scenes, we were invited by the photographer InkedKenny to be his exclusive jewler for his photoshoot for Drummer magazine. We have been busy being on the road and giving that opportunity and event our focus.

This issue will be released in January. It was an honor to work for InkedKenny. Watch for the the issue because it will be hot!! InkedKenny used chainmail as a blind and gag for shots! You will want to see this.

I will be switching things around on the website so you will start seeing changes. We will be looking to add the option for, "made to order", for our pieces to give it a 4 to 6 week time to produce.

Realistically it is taking 2 to 3 days labor to produce a stainless steel chain. So, we want to include the option in case we are busier than our inventory supplies. With that type of labor turn around, that option is ideally realistic to have.

A secret for you if you were planning on ordering a chain, we will have to slightly raise pricing on some of the products. Now that I have more experience producing and cost factors, I am currently under charging. So, if you wanted to purchase, now is the time!

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