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Another Happy Customer

B.j. Franklin got the last bullet chain in stock. He had a very realistic concern due to having serious sensitivity to metal on his skin. So much so that he only wore jewelry made from bone.

I addressed his concerns and shared that while everyone is different and he would have to test to see how his skin tolerated the jewelry, I had explained that there was a reason Majere's Metals uses 316 grade stainless steel.

The grade of stainless steel used in making jewelry matters. The grade of steel controls things such as rusting and tarnishing issues, strength and overall weight of the product, and in this case, how much nickle is used into the steel to produce the product. I had explained to him that Majere's Metals uses 316 stainless steel because it is considered as hypoallergenic. If you don't react to a stainless steel spoon in your mouth, you shouldn't react to this, and he didn't.

There is a reason I always announce the grade of the steel used when releasing products. It let's you know what you are buying and the quality to expect from it. I could buy cheaper grades of steel and turn a greater profit and compete with other jewelry makers for lower price points. I don't compromise my standards in this. I think there is far too many that offer cheap and easy versus the time and effort to produce quality. I happen to think as my customers, you are worth it. As my Aunt Ida would say, "How about a little bit of class". My motto, build it once, last a lifetime.

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