This chain is made from 316 surgical hypoallergenic stainless steel.  This chain is thicker and darker then our regular double spiral chain for those that have the upper real estate to wear this with pride.  If you like walking into a club and being noticed, try one of our thick chains.  


The metal used is a thicker gauge and more expensive to make so this chain is a made to order item.  At most the turn around time to create this for you is 4 to 6 weeks.  We will communicate with you by email when we receive your order to tell you when we project to get this completed, when we do, and when we ship so you are always in the loop in our creative process.  


You have choices on how you want the chain to close. If you are wearing only the chain, we recommend ordering the back lobster claw closure. If you want to add a pendant, add one of your own, or add a lock then order the front round spring clip. This allows you to add pendants or remove the clip and attach a lock directly to the end rings of the chain!


If you are looking for something extra special and unique, add this to cart and let us get started on your order right away.

Thick Double Spiral Chain