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Looking for a unique chain that will standout in a crowd?  Look no further.  This chain is made from stainless 304 steel that is polished and then assembled by hand to give the product a professional shine.  304 stainless steel is a high grade steel that is rust and tarnish resistant so it will keep up with you and your lifestyle.  There is over 550 rings to form this chain.


You have choices on how you want the chain to close. If you are wearing only the chain, we recommend ordering the back lobster claw closure. If you want to add a pendant, add one of your own, or add a lock then order the front round spring clip. This allows you to add pendants or remove the clip and attach a lock directly to the end rings of the chain!

Stainless Steel Sandstone Chain

  • If we are currently out of stock of an item, no worries. You can still order by picking our made to order option. We will respond back by email with your order to schedule when we will handcraft your piece for you. The traditional turnaround time expectation is 4 to 6 weeks, but normal times are much quicker than that. Now you can ensure that you will always get what you want.

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