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Personalized Orders

Sizing your piece.

If you know your measurements and a standard size fits you perfectly then this section will not apply to you.  If you have always found chains or bracelets hang too low or to tight then this is for you.  There is a lot of work that goes into these products and we definitely want you to wear it with pride.  So, you have the option if needed to make the piece perfectly fit for you.

Ladies read through the instructions and you will have an easy time with this.  Gentlemen, if I have to judge our abilities with measurements by our social apps, then we definitely have an issue measuring inches accurately.  So, slow down and read the instructions.  If a personalized product is requested to be corrected after delivery, then we will still be happy to make corrections.  However, this will have a cost to the consumer with shipping and handling to modify if it was exactly what was originally ordered when received.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we both don’t want this so let’s make sure to get this right on the first go.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Big Daddy for help.


Wrist: Use string to wrap around your wrist and cut the string where the open end meets and touches the uncut string.  Lay the string next to a ruler.  Focus gentlemen, focus, and find your measurements to send me.  You can find where to send me the measurements when you order.  The measurement will not include the size of the clasp which will give the piece room to flex and bend your hand back without the bracelet becoming too tight.  All bracelets will come with extra rings to size up if needed to account for life and pesky extra inches in weight that accumulate for whatever reason.  

Chains: Use string to wrap around your neck with the closed section behind your neck.  Your two hands in front of you should be holding the cut end of one string and the other side of the string.  Now hang the string casually down your front and imagine where you want the chain to perfectly end for you.  Please keep in mind if you wish to have a pendant added to the chain to accommodate for that room as well.  Ladies, no point in buying something pretty if it is going to get lost in your valley.  Now keep in mind that the chain is metal so it will hang heavier than the string.  Find your perfect length and cut the string.  Measure this against a tape measure and send me the results in the space provided when you order.

Having your chain open or having a closed front

Our chains are first made with an open front.  This means that the chain is split in half and is built to attach the two ends without a clasp to a pendant, lock, or pup tag.  This creates a more wholesome look then adding a link into the middle of a design as an afterthought.

However, if you just want the chain, we can close it for you, so it is one solid piece.  Just let us know which option you need.  You will find both options available to you when you check out when ordering a chain.

Ordering accessories

The one thing I love about the LGBTQ community is that our pleasures are as diverse and plentiful as can be.  At Majere’s Metals we aim to celebrate those differences by offering a variety of choices to match your pleasures.  Whether it is pendants that match the flag color of your choice, locks, pup tags, or an eye catching charm to help make your purchase as cool and personalized as possible, we will offer a wide variety of choices at affordable pricing so you can find what is perfect for you.  So be sure to check out our accessories and see if you can find the perfect one for you.  We will attach any accessory ordered before shipping for you.  


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